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A.I. Artificial Intelligence

A.I. Artificial Intelligence came out in 2001 starting Haley Joel Osment and Jude Law.

The premise of the movie is that soon where robots are look like humans and can do whatever you want to. You can have business robots, servants, cooks, maids and even love robots. Then the thought is to have a robot to look like children. There is a question of whether it is ethical to have robots to look and be like children.

Monica and Henry Swinton have a son who had an accident and has been in cryogenics for the last five years. They have an opportunity to get a child robot to help them move on from their son’s life.

They decide to give it a go, but they need to say a phrase to have the child robot, David to imprint on them or onto Monica. Once the imprint has taken place there is no going back, if they want to give it back, David will go back to the company and get used for scrape metal.

Once David has been imprinted, the Swinton’s find out that their son Mark is now better and is ready to come back home. Monica is now having some remorse with David as him and Mark are not getting along but she doesn’t want him to go back and be dismantled. On the drive back to the company she takes a turn and leaves David out in the wilderness to fend for himself.

David doesn’t understand as he is programmed to be a child and begins his journey to find the blue fairy which he learned about in a fairy tale that Monica once read to him about a wooden boy who became real. On his journey he meets up with Gigolo Joe who helps him escape the other unwanted robots who have been left to fend for themselves for scrape metal to help them stay together.

David and Gigolo Joe end up going to New York which is partly under water to go to the main headquarters of the company that made them to see if they can help. Gigolo Joe is also a robot and doesn’t really understand either that robot cannot be made real people but is willing to help David for David’s sake.

Ultimately, David can take a helicopter underwater to Coney Island and finds the blue fairy where he stays wishing upon the blue fairy to be made into a real boy. He stays there for a few hundred years until he is unfrozen by an alien species who helps explains to David that he cannot have his mother back but can have one more day with Monica to help him get some closure.

David enjoys his last day with Monica and that is it. David is one of the last working robots of our time and is at peace after all these years.

Would I recommend this movie to others? Yes. Would I watch this movie again? Yes, I do plan too again soon. I do enjoy a good si-fi futuristic movie that does happen.


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