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There is so many different ways that you can do to advertise and help you out to do what you need to be doing. Advertising can really make or brake brand or just simply help get you noticed a lot faster. You might want to start a website with one of these platforms. o Divi – Elegant Themes o Wix o o Bluehost o Squarespace o Network Solutions o o Site 123 o Ionos by 1&1 o Elementor o You can also use a bunch of different social media platforms to help promote you as well such as · YouTube Channel · Website · Patreon · Etsy · Facebook · LinkedIn · Twitter · Instagram · TicTok · Snap chat · Twitch · Pinterest · Mix · Reddit · Discord · Slack · Ebay · Affiliate links · Spoitify · Appearance fees · OBS Streaming · Stereo · Sound Cloud · Ad Sense · Merchandise · Sponsorships · Kijiji · Craigslist · Shopify Some of these platforms are just some communication platforms versus a platform where you can really post things to help advertise your product but at the end of the day it is something that you can do and potentially try in your endeavors to advertise. You may also need to keep track of your tiem in a better way so ou might want to check out one of these applications · Notion · Trello · OneNote · Monday · DoneDone · Pomodoro Timer · Evernote · Waze · Spark · MyLifeOrganized (MLO) · Habitica · Focusmate · Calendar o Google Calendar o Outlook (Microsoft) Calendar o Default calendar on phone It is a lot you can really do to make sure that you are getting your name and brand out there and make sure that you are doing everything that you can to make sure that you can get the product that you can. With advertising you can also market yourself in a few different ways, I have a few different suggestions to help do this: · Have business card · Create a professional online presence · Go to events o Find the events that are out there and schedule that ones that most speak to you and plan to attend them, schedule it in your calendar with an alarm to help remind you. Ask a friend or family member to go with you o Set a reminder for yourself to follow up on your contacts regularly · Talk with family and friends · Work on your own personal ‘sales pitch’ or ‘brand’ (some call it an elevator speech) · Set up appointments with placement agencies · Sign up and attend some networking events · If there are workshops that you can attend, then do so · If it suits what you are wanting to do, get something printed to go/handed out like a mailer, flyer, brochure, post card ad or a business card No matter what you choose to do to help market and advertise your brand, what do you think of my suggestions? Would you use any of them? Do you use any of them at the moment? Would you want to use any of them at all? There are many different things that you can do and keep improving up to get your name out there, no matter what, just don’t stop trying to advertise to get your name out there.


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