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Ambulance game out in 2022 and it is a film directed by Michael Bay starting Jake Gyllenhaal, Yaha Abdul-Mateen II and Eiza Gonzalez.

The movie is about a robbery gone wrong.

Will Sharp needs some money for an experimental surgery that his wife needs so he goes to his brother Danny to ask for it. Danny does not have the money now, but he does have a robbery lined up where he can get the money that he needs plus some extra. At first Will doesn’t want to do it and knows that his wife will disapprove of it, but he really does need the money, so he agrees to do it.

The robbery starts off going well but then a cop and his partner decide that he needs to go back the bank to ask a teller out on a date. When he arrives to come back in, the bank is already being robbed.

The cop soon realizes that the bank is being robbed but gets lead out the back of the bank with two of the robbers. Will ends up shooting the cop twice.

Eventually one thing leads to another Will, Danny, the cop Zack and the EMT Cam end up in the ambulance driving around Los Angeles. Zach and Cam are hostages.

Cam doesn’t realize that Zack was shot twice, so must start healing the second wound but needs to call her ex-boyfriend who is a doctor to help her perform surgery to help him out. Will who served in Iraq and has some field training helps Cam preform the surgery and donates blood to Zack.

No one is stopping the ambulance from moving because they want Zach and Cam alive. Eventually they find out that Will and Danny’s dad is a big-time bank robber in jail and that Danny is wanted by the FBI.

Eventually Danny comes up with an idea to call in a favour, they disguise the ambulance and get hidden, the deal seems good, but the price suddenly becomes much too high to be hidden so Danny and Will kill everyone and get away only to be stopped by the police and FBI.

Unfortunately, both Danny ends up dying, Will becomes seriously injured but Zack and Cam are perfectly fine. Cam ends up accidently shooting Will thinking it was someone else when they were getting help friend from the favour that they called in. Before everything goes down at the end of the movie, Will puts some money in Cam’s bag to give to his wife so she can get her surgery knowing that once he gets better, he is going to jail.

The movie is farfetched but is very action packed. The action never stops happening. I must give the actors credit for showing up every day to do their job and having the same level of intensity every day.

The movie does move along at a very fast pace dispite being very unrealistic and most likely would never happen. I enjoyed how fast the movie moved along.

Would I watch the movie again? Yes, but not very often as you need to forget some parts of it. Would I suggest this movie? Yes.

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