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Are Carbs Addictive?

I believe the answer in short is yes, carbs are addictive. Sugar is designed to make you to always go back. It doesn’t help that the packaging of sugary products are designed to make you look at them and want to buy them. Marketing also helps it as it is usually in positions where you can easily access them.

Pasta I find is another one where it is filling just makes you want to eat more.

Now, I am not a doctor, nurse or a nutritionist so please do take what I say with a grain of salt but I find that carbs are addictive. I find that they make you want to keep eating. I find that they also make you feel heavy and lazy and well just want to sit there and not do anything.

Processed food is another type of food that you can be carb heavy. I find that processed food packaging is also very much designed to make you want to look at them and want to buy them.

Package and market is hard to avoid especially when I am the product that they are trying to sell. It is hard to avoid things that are there.

I find that you have to learn to read through the lines and find what works best for you. You have to learn to deal with the fact that carbs are always going to be there, just as long as you don’t overeat or have them all the time then it is ok. Having carbs every day isn’t good but having carbs a few times a week is ok. Carbs are going anywhere and you don’t want to be to overly strict with yourself either where you are always craving it. Do give yourself a treat and have treat meals and days just don’t go overboard where you overeat or get bloated.

Everyone deals with addiction in different ways. Find a way to work with carbs that works best for you, your life and how you live. Make and live by your own rules on a daily basis. remember that it is day one and not day one to live the life that you want with carbs.


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