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Arrival came out in 2016 starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker.

The movie is about how an alien comes to earth. There are 12 different ships that come to earth all spread out around the earth. The one that is in the United States of America seeks the help of Louise Banks who is a language expert and Ian Donnelly who is a theoretical physicist. They have military clearance as they have worked for the government before.

Together they work towards getting a language to communicate with the aliens. It is mainly Louise who is able to get what they need. It turns out these creatures give Louise the ability to perceive time in a different way just like them. They are here on earth just to give and share the intelligence with the world.

Some people at the camp that the military has set up around the spaceship. These soldiers have been watching to much new coverage on this situation, so they end up trying to kill them by blowing them up. Last minute Louise and Ian go and talking to them but the creators, hydropods, end up saving them from the dynamite explosion.

The spaceship goes up higher in the air but gives Louise a chance to see what is going on in the spaceship where she really gets to know what is going on in the ship and what they are really about, when she gets back so knows what she has to do to save the world.

The ships just disappear at the end of the movie leaving the world not to sure what it is that they should be doing now. Louise knowing their languages is able to teach it professional or mainly just adds it to her class curriculum, she even writes a book on the subject. Ian Louise also get married. They end up getting divorced due to Louise being told by the aliens early on in communicating with them that their daughter would die. Louise knew what was going to happen and she still let it happen. Time being more linear for them as they are not really seeing the future but living it at the same time.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes, it is a little strange but still a good movie.

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