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Begin Again (2013)

This movie has really changed me and what I think about music. It really has changed how I see things about music. It has come out 8 years ago but I think that it is worth a watch. It is the same but in my opinion different about the music industry.

What the movie is about is that a couple comes to New York, the boy has had some music in a video and the girl is a song writer but didn’t write any music for the movie.

The boy goes to LA for the album, when he comes back to New York he was inspired to write a song and plays it for the girl. The girl is able to figure out that he cheated on her when he was in LA. They break up. The girl then goes and lives with her friend who is also in NY.

The friend is playing at an open mic night at a club and convinces her to come with him and gets her to play a song on stage. She does, the crowd doesn’t really like what she is singing but a music producer is there and really ends up liking what she has to say about it.

Together they slowly work up a relationship and an album that he takes to his record label and she is able to make music. The experience is really like no other.

The producer ends up mending his relationship with his wife and child and they get back together.

The girl’s album, she doesn’t want to have the record label to release the album and she releases the entire thing for $1.00 because she thinks that is fair.

It is a mistake that she may end up regretting but she ends up making $10,000 in one day. She had help doing it because on the journey to making this album she made friends with a big music artist who ended up Tweet about it and a lot of people ended up doing the same.

$10,000 isn’t a lot of money per say to start a living off of but for starters that is alright. It is something to start off with. It is something to get you going on your next album.

I was really surprised by this moving and didn’t think that it would have inspired me as much as it did. Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley are wonderful in this. They do not have a romantic relationship in this movie which was great that there didn’t have to be a love story in it and Keira Knightley is a good singer in it.

The cast in this movie was brilliant and how this album was created really made me think differently about the hard work and effort that goes into making of an album, it really isn’t just writing, creating the sound and the feel of the music that is on the album but the relationships that you make and how it goes. Being on tour can be draining and you are performing the same routine over the course of a few months but this movie is a 10 out of 10 for me. I would suggest watching this movie. I might have to do a rewatch of it again!


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