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Being a Virtual Assistant

There are may different things that you can do for work online and oe of the things that you can do is to be a virtual assistant. There are many different things that you might want to consider with being a virtual assistant and they are: · Operate personal computer equipment · Work with math concepts like probability and statistical · Apply concepts like fractions, percentages, ratios, and proportions to practical situation · Proven problem solving, communication, organization, and customer service skills · Solve practical problems and to interpret a variety of instructions in written, oral, diagram or schedule form · Data processing information to a high level of accuracy · Input information such as reports, mailing lists, accounts, payroll, staff records and scientific information · Report retrieval, confirm and update data · Type and re-arrange information including highlighting parts of text, moving paragraphs and formation information including into columns · Making alterations to information already stored on a computer · Print out reports, letters, labels, and other documents as required · Other clerical duties o Wiping down services § Including boardrooms, pens and door knobs o Taking items to the post-office, post-office box o Answering phones § Taking messages § Delivery messages o Order office supplies/organize the office supplies closet o Scheduling appointments o Greeting clients Some virtual assistants online platforms can be tricky but here are some tips: · Some are only available in the US; some are transcription some are data entry, & some are both. · Keep in mind that if it says X amount per 1-hour transcript, the transcription could be 1 hour in length, but it could take you 3 hours to type. (we talk up to 7 times faster then we type). You could end up working up to or more then 3 hours for 1 hours pay. i.e. $20 per 1 hour’s transcript but takes you 3 hours to transcribe it therefore you would get $6.67 an hour to transcribe it. · Transcription = audio recording, dictations, close captions · Data Entry = entering data · Some pay through PayPal There are many different platforms that you can use online to help get you some work and here are a few that you might want to consider: · · TranscribeMe! · TranscriptionPuppy · Doximity · Ditto Transcripts · Flex Jobs · We Work Remotely · The Virtual Gurus · Freelancer · Rev · iDictate · Working Solutions · Dion Data Solutions · Data Plus · Sprout Gigs · Scribie · Sig Track · Amazon Mechanical Turk · AccuTran Global · Symbria · Fiverr · Upwork · Clickworder · Axion Data


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