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Being an Entrepreneur

There is many different ways that you can be an entrepreneur. If being your own boss or inventing products or inventing reasons why people need to hire you and require your services, then there is plenty of positions out there that you can work in as well.

You can make a career out of volunteering as well and there are many different things that you can do as a volunteer, some examples are to volunteer at your local library, church, homeless shelter, soup kitchen or at an animal shelter. Some businesses might even let you volunteer or intern at their office for a short period of time so don’t forget to just ask.

There are some other ways that you can keep busy while you are working on being an entrepreneur and some examples are to be a vlogger or a blogger, a vendor at craft shows or comic cons and even getting a store on and

There are many different things to consider with being an entrepreneur like getting and managing online presents. You can create and manage your own presence but you might want some help and or pay someone to do it for you.

Some suggestions about website design, maintenance and marketing tools that are free to use but do offer premium packages for your to purchase are:

o Divi – Elegant Themes

o Wix


o Bluehost

o Squarespace

o Network Solutions


o Site 123

o Ionos by 1&1

o Elementor


Some places that you can market yourself on are:

o YouTube

o Twitter

o Twitch

o Facebook

o Instagram

o Snapchat

o LinkedIn

o Patreon

o Create your own website

o Etsy

o Pinterest

o Slack

o Spotify

o Stereo

o Letterboxd

o Tumblr

o TicTok

o Reddit

o Soundcloud

o Ad SenseAR

o Merchandise (including books)

o Sponsorships

o Affiliate Codes & Links

o Channel memberships

o Appearance fees

o Discord

o OBS Streaming

o Vimeo

o Cameo

o Comcast

Some content that you might want to offer up to maintain a presence is to do:

· Videos

· Newsletters

· Stories

· Articles/Opinion pieces

You might also want to get some certifications to help you be an entrepreneur and some suggestions of these are:

· Health & Safety

· CPR/First Aid

· Lifeguard

· Food Safety


· Real Estate

· Diplomas or degrees

There may be some skills that you have not realized you have that can help you be an entrepreneur and they are:

· Data entry

· Transcription/dictations

· Certifications

· Website design

· Graphic design

· Videographer

· Video editor

· Photographer

· Photo editor

· Scanner & document editor

With being online and being an entrepreneur you really want to get your idea and brand figured out so you can really know how you would like to be presented to the public. There are many different connections and marketing that you can do to get your name out there. They key is to make sure that you are consistent with it and you are creating content and looking at your presence as a whole on a regular basis. Do what you think is best for you and your brand at all times.

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