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Finishing & Starting Books and Preparing for a Book Sale

It is always great when you get to finish a book, especially a book like Fourth Wing. I really enjoyed how real it was with the battle scenes and sometimes people do sacrifice themselves for the greater good and you are saved. I am really looking forward to Iron Flame which is coming out next month. With the ability to speak with your dragon it makes me think of the Eragon series which is good and makes me want to reread that series over again. Those books are really in depth, large and good.

I am reading Starling House by Alix E. Harrow, which is great. I really like the style that it is written in. I like how each page has a border on it and that there are some pages that have an excerpt out of them that gives you more information or history on the event that was just mentioned. There is a bibliography in the back of the book, so you know where the information is coming from, but it is all fiction. There are also some illustrations in the book which break up the book quite nicely.

You see Sterling House is an old home with a lot of history and not a lot of people don’t know what is going on with the house at all. Opal has had dreams about this house ever since she can remember and wants to get to know the house better, so she gets a job working as a cleaner there. I am really looking forward to this fast read.

I am excited to see what the library’s annual book sale is going to look like when I get there. I want to get a few books, but I know that I shouldn’t. I know that a potential is that I am just going to get rid of the books in a year or give them away as presents but while is something that I want to do, I have all the good intentions of reading all these books but my follow through is something else. A part of it is my fantasy self where I think and want to be able to read a book, but I know that I most likely won’t get around to it. Either way I just want to be in the know and see what there is to see there. I hope that it isn’t over picked by the time that I am there and that there are a lot of people there as well. It is always nice to see what other people’s tastes are when they go to this kind of bargain shopping.

I am volunteering as a cashier at the sale this afternoon so it will be much easier for me to see what people are purchasing.

I am excited to see what is going to be left and what was not purchased at the book sale. I think that a lot of movies, CD’s and audio books will not get purchased as well as a lot of nonfiction like cookbooks and religious healing.

The way that I am looking at it is that the more we well the less it is going to be to tear down and to take back to the warehouse and the easier it will be for everyone at the end of the day. Tearing down is always faster than setting up anyways.


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