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Camp Zero & Every Summer After

Camp Zero is a very futurist type of book that I really enjoyed that played on the aspect of the oil crisis and how the world would change drastically because of it.

Every Summer After is a romance book that I haven’t finished yet, but I do plan on finishing soon so stay tuned for my review of it!

I had a busy week this week so I couldn’t get as much reading done as I would have liked to but there is always the rest of today and the rest of the week to make sure that the books do get read.

Sometimes when I am in a reading slump, I think that reading a new book may help but at the same time I feel like all I need to do is just to buckle down, get this book read so it can stop having this hold on me especially when I am enjoying the book so far.

I want to get more reading in, so I am taking a time analysis of what I am doing because I do need to make sure that I am track for my reading goals.

Speaking about reading goals, I have read 30 books this year so far which is fantastic because my goal was to read 30 books this year! We are halfway through the year so who knows what the next 6 months will bring. I think it is too ambitious to say that I will read another 30 books but here is hoping. I think that maybe another 20 books will be more appropriate and in line with what I want to be doing will be more effective with how busy my life is about to get.

Some tips to make sure that you are reading more is that to make sure that you always have a book with you so that way you can always read, have your book right beside you when you are watching TV so if you want to pause the episode to read you can and to generally make the time to read. If you want, you can set a timer or set a limit of a chapter so you can get the reading done you can do that!

There is time to read today!


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