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Can One Song Change, Everything?

I never was one to think how powerful music is and how it can be.

I have been finding that music is very power and can change everything. I have heard a song and it has changed my outlook on life, changed my demeaner, attitude, perspective and what is really going on. One song can just make all of my problems go away and just seem quiet small. Its just not the lyrics it is the instruments and the beats as well.

What I like to dive into sometimes with music sometimes is just other artists take on the original song. Sometimes they change it up by slowing it down, speeding it up or just change it enough, although slightly, to make it better in my opinion. Sometimes I find that listening to the artist who isn’t the original artists, this song can just stick with me and I honestly do prefer it.

Music is transformative. Even if it isn’t the language that you speak, it is the beat that you can be attracted it.

I remember watching an episode of a TV show and the character was really into music and they would stream it on the show, she would talk about how transformative it was and I never really believed it. it was just a small part of the show was well. I have tried for years to forget this and try to prove it wrong but I can sadly say that I was wrong. Music is that powerful that everything ca change from the beginning of a song to the end of a song and it is worth it.

I am always on the look for new music as well, discovering new artist is always a good time. I like to put on a new random playlist that I can find and listen to it as I am doing mundane tasks like cleaning or going through some things that I have going on just as background noise.

Another thing that I am slowly looking into is listening to full albums of a creator. When was the last time that you actually listened to an artist’s album in full? The last album that I listened to was Khalid’s Free Sprit album and it was well put together, the whole album flowed together and had a similar sound throughout the album. His next album may sound different but I am up for what else that he has to provide. He is an artist that I didn’t think I would be able to get into but I really do like this album.

I ended up getting back into some other artist that I used to like even way back into high school and it was wonderful to see how these albums were put together. I have come to a different spot with the music that I like and how transformative it can really be for you.

Music is different for everyone.

How do you discover new music? What platform do you use on a regular basis to listen to music? Are you into music? How powerful do you think music is? How has music changed your life?


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