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Changing Your Mindset

Changing your mindset can be something hard to do, but getting that different perspective can be life changing.

I have been trying to think of a few things differently now to help me to identify different patterns or patterns that I would like to change and adjust. Part of this is the language that I use as well as the self talk that happens. Words are very important but actions do speak louder then words. Once I have specifically identify what I am doing that I want to change, come up with a plan that I want to change, all that is left to do is just to take action on doing it on a regular basis. There are some days where I do fail but the point is, is that I get right back up and continue on going, each day is day one to go at it.

I think a good place to start with goal setting is to do it using the SMART method. You want to make your goal specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. I have to get really specific with my goals and then break it down to what I can be doing it on a daily basis to help get me to the goal that I want to be attaining.

I find that there is always things that you want to be doing daily that you are not doing and routines that you are doing that could always be shaken up a bit. Never stop trying out new things that you can be doing to make things different and you can be doing to make things better for yourself.

Sometimes a change in perspective is all that is needed to be able to look at a situation differently. Change is always necessary for an evolution to happen. Change is hard but necessary to become a better human!

It is quite awesome sometimes when I look at how I used to be and how I have evolved into the human that I am. For example six months to a year ago, my morning routine seems 100% different then what it is now, I was starting off my day so angry, in a rush just to get outside the door. Now, I am super relaxed and have some extra time to put my feet up before having to go into work in the morning. I can have a few minutes to myself to do whatever I want to be doing. Part of the change is, is that I changed my mindset and I was able to switch some things around in my morning so I would have the time to do what I needed to do daily but have the ability to get out the door in good time as well.

Do you think there is something more then changing your mindset on things for change to really happen? Do you think there is more then a change in perspective that needs to be done for real results to happen? How do you take action in your life to change things up?

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