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Changing Your Point of View

Sometimes in a situation when you want to change you just must change the way that you are thinking about it.

I know it is hard to hear but sometimes it really is just you.

In the situations when it is just you then maybe you are the one that needs to change and well to help with that just change how you are thinking about the situation.

Things are not always bad, and the glass can be both half full and half empty at the same time!

Sometimes things don’t need to be fixed they just need to be worked on, daily. The thought process just needs to be in the back part of your brain stewing there until it become relevant for you to really be thinking about it.

Sometimes it isn’t everyone else that needs to change it is you.

If for example you want to start a new routine, then you need to forget about other opinions and what they are saying, and you just need to think about you and what you want in your life and then start to take the little baby steps that need to be taken to make sure that you are accomplishing your goal. For example, if you want to start to read more then make time to read every day. Start by setting aside 15 minutes or 10 minutes just to read a chapter of a book and then just slowly start to increase it so you are reading a total number of pages or reading for a certain length of time every day.

Another example would be if you want to lose some weight you need to start eating more of the ‘right’ foods and to eat less food everyday. Start by eat less portions and slowly work your way back until you are eating the amount that you determine is the right amount that you should be eating a day and set manageable exercise goals that are realistic for you to be able to perform.

You want to make sure that you are staying true to you, and you are realizing your goals on your own so that way you can mange to keep them going when you are on your own even though you have a great support team around you.

Just change how you see things and see how it changes your life.


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