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Cluttercore is a new thing that is on the market, the next trend if you will. Instead of being a minimalist you are into having a lot of stuff that is highly organized. It really is the complete opposite end of what being a minimalist is, it is organized chaos in some cases. The pack rat’s dream.

I used to be into cluttercore myself but in the past few years I have become quite the minimalist. I am constantly looking for ways to get rid of stuff. I have recently gotten rid of a bunch of stuff and I am looking to get a whole much more stuff out of the house. Part of the process that I don’t like is having to wait on new furniture to arrive and to be assembled so you can properly go through everything that you do have and know what you don’t really need to be in your home. What you are hording is something to be said about you and who you are. The mental stress of having all of this stuff around is a lot. I live close to a donation centre and I got for walks frequently enough to be able to bring bags of stuff over on a regular basis which is super convenient for me. What gets me is the special recycling locations that you have to go to like electronics, metal, empties and sports equipment. Taking them to the right facilities does help out on so many different levels especially helps out the environment. A lot of the time I really hate commercialism, how I have bought into commercialism and how it has taken over my home so much that for the last 3 or so years I have taken car loads of stuff out of the house. At some point I will be running out of bags to take everything into the secondhand shops but hopefully at that time I won’t have a lot of stuff to take there anyways! To be fair, if I stopped bringing stuff into the house then I wouldn’t have to keep taking things out of the house. I take picture of my home every year so I can see how things have progressed, I feel things have gotten better but they are not where I would prefer them to be! Maybe next year the photo’s will reflect what I want them to. Less is definitely more.

What I have been getting into recently is cluttering up other peoples homes with my stuff. If I don’t want it anymore but I don’t want it to go to the secondhand store I will give it to a friend and have it clutter up their homes, it really isn’t the most ideal thing that I can be doing but it is something I guess. I need to stop bringing stuff into the home, I have to keep remaining myself that it isn’t about what you have it is about what you save, at the end of the day your stuff can’t save you, it may comfort you for a short little while but facing the problem at the source is something that is best for you to be doing. I think that if you have lots of clutter around you, the clutter that must be happening internally may not be helpful to your everyday living.

Only have what you need and use what you have.


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