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Communication Makes Things Happen

I got thinking over the past few days, I know hard to believe right? But I was thinking about how I wanted to do somethings but if I just communicated with my partner about them then everything would work out fine and there was no need to stress or fuss about them.

For example, I was finding that I am not eating enough or having something that is very satisfying while I am on my lunch, so I come home and gorge at times and when I do that, we tend to either not have dinner or have a very late and light dinner and the way to avoid this is to hind my snack or lunch on my way to and from work. But the real solution is to either have something more satiating while I am on my lunch and or to have an early dinner, so I am not feeling hungry when I get home. I talked about it with my partner, and it works out fine. There is going to be a few adjustments and just how life works out, it can’t be every single night, but it is a start.

Another example would be that I was having a girl’s night the other night and I wasn’t in a position where I could get supper on my way home, so we ended up having an early dinner. All this was done perfectly because I was able to communicate that due to circumstances being what they were we needed to have dinner earlier.

Now not all communication or situations can be avoided by having dinner earlier in the evening but by just talking it out or with my partner things were figured out and I wasn’t hiding anything from my partner.

Sometimes it is nice to having a good sounding board as well, a different opinion is something that always helps. A different perspective is also quite nice as well.

The point is, is don’t ever try to be sneaking around or trying to hide stuff, just talk about it and just see what happens. Sometimes things run their course and things need to end or change. Just do what is best and stop carrying things around just on your own.

Talking really does make things happen!


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