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Continuous Gratitude

I think that showing gratitude is something that I try to practice every day. Letting other people that you appreciate makes everyone involved feel fantastic.

I have heard that there are health benefits of showing gratitude and doing acts of service.

Either writing it down or verbally I have heard that you should either list 10 things that are you thankful for or list one item for each of these five items

1. 1 thankful

2. 1 appreciation

3. 1 affirmation

4. 1 thing that made you smile

5. 1 thing that you did well

Either way what ever you choose to do I bet it will make you feel good afterwards.

Gratitude can be shown to people or to objects that you have before you give them away, to thank them for their service. Remembering your manners can also take you further in life as well. Instead of ‘killing with kindness’ how about just be kind, to be kind because it is kind, whether you call it karma or not it is just nice to be pleasant to all those around you. You never know when you will run into someone and or need their help in life!

It doesn’t matter how you show your gratitude but I highly suggest that you start!


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