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Day 363 of Weighting to be Thin

To me, I feel like I have 363 days to achieve the body that I want to achieve which is to lose at least 50lbs.

Why do I have such a goal in mind?

That is because I am planning a trip and I want to be able to sit in the airplane seats comfortable, as well as not needing to purchase a second seat just to fit my obese body, and despite that all of the research that I have done state that the rides that they have don’t have a weight limit on them now doesn’t mean that when I go to the travel destination. I am right at the low end of the weight limit for some rides now which is why I want to be able to change and get all my weight figured out now.

I also would like to be able to comfortable be able to ride these rides with my partner as well.

There is also the bonus of being able to sit in vehicle seats without any of my body spilling over as well as being able to sit in theatre seats more comfortably.

As the adage says, if you cannot change what is out there then you must be able to adjust to work with it. Not so sound awful but it is really my fault that I am the size that I am, and I have no one to blame but myself for food that I eat and what I am eating either.

I would love to be able to blame my partner or my parents for making me the person that I am today and that they are the reason why I eat as much as I do but I do know that they have nothing to do with it and that I can say no and refuse to eat something and I can make my own plate of food as well.

I may be letting them down by not eating what they want me to eat, but I am letting myself down even more by not being able to eat the way that I want to be eating and by not having the slender thin body that I want to have.

By saying no to others and to food that I know is bad for me I am saying yes to me and the body that I want to have.

I have the power to eat what I want and when I want, and I can’t spend all day eating and then find the time to blame someone else for the amount that I have eaten. It unfortunately doesn’t work like that as much as I want it to be that way.

I need to take responsibility for my own actions and take the power back from others as I am the only one who does control how I look and what foods that I am bringing into my body. If I want to lose 50lbs then I can, it could be a difficult road to get there but it will be worth it at the end of the day.

I just need to remember that if I remember why I am doing this then the how to of it will just take care of itself.

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