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De-Cluttering Your Life!

Sometimes it can be hard to really see what is going on in your everyday space because there is just so much clutter!

I find that there are three different types of clutter, mental, physical, and digital.

One of the places that I find to have too much clutter is my pantry and freezer. Every once and a while I like to go through them and see what we have. There is something that has been sitting there for a long time then I will make a meal out of it.

It isn’t going to be the most delicious thing in the world, and it isn’t going to be well constructed as a meal, but it will be something that I have put together and will work. The key part is, is that I find that the pantry and the freezer do tend to look a lot nicer and cleaner afterwards. One of the things that I try to remember after doing this, is that the food that have made, isn’t for us, I shouldn’t get it and if I do it will be every once and a while in a smaller package (if I can).

I like office supplies. I enjoy them so much that when I go to the dollar store, I need to hold myself back and not get any majority of the time. For the past few years, I have found that I need to go through my stationary area and just get rid of all the stationary that I have that I just don’t need anymore and either donate it the thrift store or to a friend who needs it.

Every once and a while, I should be more diligent with this I know but I tend to go through my digital files especially my pictures and see what ones I can get rid of. I tend to take some many pictures of the same thing and some of them are blurry that I just don’t delete the blurry ones until I go through them. Maybe I subconscious don’t delete them at the time knowing that I will be going through them later but that is just an excuse.

When I am unsure about whether I want to get rid of something, I have a donation bag which I keep in the closet and every once and a while I go through it. Sometimes I can gift these items to other people and sometimes I just donate them. The very rare time I will allow myself to put it back into my things, but I try to not to do that.

Twice a year, in the springtime and the week between Christmas and New Years I try to take a bag to donate and so far, it has always worked out for me. I am proud of myself for consistently getting rid of things. If only I was good enough to also not to purchase things so I wouldn’t need to go through them in the first place!

How often do you de-clutter your life? Do you feel a need to de-clutter? Are you a pack rat? How much stuff is too much stuff?


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