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Digital or Paper

Do you prefer keeping your records digitally or on paper? Are you someone who needs to keep a planner, diary or notes on physical paper or are you someone who needs it digitally?

I am currently somewhere in between but I am more on the digital side of things. I prefer to have it digitally as I always have my phone on my person and I can keep and eye on things and see what I need to be doing at all times.

Over all I am not that busy of a person so I don’t need to keep a planner or a calendar. I don’t really even use the calendar feature on my phone that much. I do have a post-it note bad but I don’t really use it either, there is just so many post-it note pad apps out there it really is hard to determine which one works out best.

Overall I do live a simply life and I do have trackers. I guess I am more of a tracker type of individual rather then a time blocker person. As long as it gets done by the time it needs to, it really doesn’t matter when it gets done.

I think that I want to be more on a paper size of things but it really isn’t me, I don’t need to have all of that, I find that at some point that I don’t tend to use them and forget about it and feel that they are more of a dead weight that I have. The problem is, is that I love stationary. I have buckets filled with it but I really don’t need any of it, guess what my friends and family get every year for their Christmas and birthdays! I know that I just need to stop purchasing them as well.

I find that I want new products because it is my fantasy self, I don’t have a full thought out reason as to why I need to have a note book either. I just need to fully think out why I need this stationary before I actually purchase it. I think that I want to use it but I actually keep records on a daily on my computer that I don’t need it. People finding out information that I don’t want them to know is just as easy.

There are pros and cons to keep things digitally and on paper. I think that having things on paper, the process of just writing it down can help you remember it which I do find helps but for ease of reference and to reuse something in the future, having it digitally and having it change does help me out a lot.

At times I feel that I am way to plugged in but I always justify it with it just being how our society is at the moment but that isn’t true. I can go for periods of time without my phone or TV, I just don’t do it that often as I don’t see the need for it.

Do you feel that you are to plugged in? Do you do a detox of screen times? If so, how often and for how long?


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