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Dollar Stores

Dollar stores are lot of fun and to visit but are they worth shopping at? Do you really need anything form the dollar store?

There are isles and isles of stuff that is cheap and seems like a lot of fun and things that you may feel that you need but do you really need them?

The products in the store do come and go rather quickly so if you spot something that you like then you must pick it up right then and there or else it will not be there when you return next.

Are the things in the store worth it though? Do you really need them?

What I find about the dollar store is that everything is so cheap that it is way to easy to spend money because you only thing that it is a dollar, but things do add up quite quickly.

I find that another thing that is wrong with dollar stores is that if you were to go to a drug, department, or grocery store that for the same product, you may pay a little more, but you are getting more product, so it really does work out to be more cost effective then going to the dollar store at the end of the day. You may want to see this for yourself and to save the quantity and the price in your phone and to really shop around for it.

It is easy to spend money on things that are cheap, but do you really need any of it? how long are you going to keep these items? How fast do you end up eating all the stuff? How fast do these items last for? Do you really need anything from the dollar store?

How often do you shop at dollar stores? Are you someone who visits the cheaper section at your drug, department or grocery stores versus just going out to the dollar stores specifically? Do you care enough about what things cost that you do or don’t go dollar stores?

Its interesting that to speculate that people who are more successful or have more money don’t tend to shop at dollar stores where those who don’t have a lot of money, who are similarly successful do.

I find that dollar stores are becoming more expensive that it isn’t worth it. it also helps on my spending, and I don’t spend that much more money.

I do shop at dollar stores, but I think that I should cut back on them and maybe cut them out all together.


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