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Eating Your Way to Health

Do you find that eating your way to health is possible? Does food affect your hormones? Can eating ‘right’ or being on the correct ‘diet’ be the best way to ‘cure’ all of the ailments that you have or any autoimmune diseases that you have?

I have watched a few different documentaries that look into the idea that you can eat your way back to health. That if you eat ‘correctly’ or eat plant based you can reverse type two diabetes and heart disease.

I like the idea that these documentaries are trying to portray but at the same time I don’t think that just fully focusing on what and how you are eating is the only thing that you can do to make sure that you are in great health.

I have watched a few different video’s on YouTube that suggest that you can loose weight by only using your mind. Essentially you focus and settle your mind and think and behalf the way that you want to look when you are a certain size and weight that you want to be.

I can see how this would work and I do agree with the idea that if you want to be a certain weight and only eating what people that size most likely eat regarding the amount that they eat I can see how that would work but if you have never been a certain size, or do your research into it you never know. You should always ask your physician and know that what is good for you is not necessarily good for the gander. Everyone is different and have different circumstances so you don’t want to do general things when you are someone specific.

I don’t think that putting off weight is necessarily harder then putting it on but it can be just as delicious if not more delicious then putting it on as eating produce is where it is at! Produce can be as addictive as carbohydrates I think. The more you eat produce the more you find that you crave it. I like to think that everything you need in your ‘diet’ is right where you walk in at the grocery store. The more you have to go into the grocery store the worse it is for you. I find that avoiding the marketing schemes is the hardest thing. Sugary products are usually in packaging that is colourful and eye catching and placed at the end of isles and at the check outs which makes you want to purchase them but these types of marking tactics are the types of things that you should try and avoid.

I believe that eating precisely what you see to be perfect and what is personally going to benefit you is the best practice for you to use.

What are your thoughts on how to eat well? Do you eat in a way that you deem to be perfect? How healthy do you eat? do you think that there is perfect way to eat? Can you really eat your way to health?


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