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Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes came out in 2020 staring Helena Bonham Carter, Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill and Sam Clafin. It is based on a book by Nancy Springer called “The Case of the Missing Marquess: An Enola Holmes Mystery”.

The story takes place in England in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s when Sherlock Holmes existed. Enola is his younger sister. Sherlock and Mycroft, the eldest Holmes child come back home after being in England for about 10 years, they moved there after their father died, to see what is the state of Enola and the house now that their mother has gone missing.

Mycroft wants to put Enola into finishing school but Enola doesn’t want to go. She is used to be rough and tumble and not really getting an education. Her mother has taught her how to fight as well as to figure out mysteries and word puzzles and riddles. For example, her name Enola spelled backwards is alone, which she does happen to find herself a lot being in such a state although she has and meets a lot of friends along the way. Throughout the movie Enola talks to the 4th wall and one time breaks it, it does add to an interesting narrative to the movie.

To escape being sent to finishing school and to solve the mystery of where her mother is Enola takes off from the home dressed as a boy. She can get on a train, where she ends up meeting a boy name Tewkesbury. Tewkesbury is trying to escape his own destiny as well as being lord of him home. Enola helps in to get to London before they part ways. Enola knows if she is to stay undercover from her brothers, she must become what they least expect which is a lady. Tewkesbury has someone coming after him who finds Enola and tries to get her to tell him where he is. She won’t as she is unaware of where he is. Knowing how to fight Enola can escape from the henchman but only nearly. It turns out the whale bone corset that she is wearing was able to stop the knife that she was struck with.

Enola decides that she cares about Tewkesbury and attempts to solve his mystery and to find him before solving her mothers mystery. In doing so she finds out that Tewkesbury’s uncle has developed a cue against him. There is a vote coming up that Tewkesbury would be for but the family including the uncle is against it, if Tewkesbury becomes lord of the house and casts his vote then it will go one way but if Tewkesbury dies then his uncle will vote and it will go the other way.

Enola is able to figure this out, find Tewkesbury and together kill the henchman. Tewkesbury then becomes lord of his house. Which then gives Enola the time to go back to solving her mothers whereabouts mystery. Instead of finding her mother, her mother finds her. Her mother is able to let her know that she is alright but to stop looking for her as she is part of the purple ribbon society and it is for the best that she is away from Enola.

At this point in time when Enola has solved the mystery and her brothers have caught up to her. Sherlock makes an agreement with Mycroft to have Enola be his ward. Enola attempts to find her way in the world as a detective in London.

Would I recommend this movie? Sure, it is a cute story about the world of Sherlock Holmes which isn’t about Sherlock Holmes it is entertaining, the movie is fast passed, and I would suggest it.


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