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Essentialism and Food

We only need what we need when it comes to food, yet most have cupboards and fridges with to much food. food costs are going up and who knows when prices will stop going up. Will things with the supply chain get any better?

In my household we create a lot of food waste, and we tend to order take out food a lot so the amount we spend on groceries the ultimately ends up in the trash is ridiculous.

I do find that when I go do the grocery shopping, I do spend way too much money on food. I do know that the prices on food will get better, and the supply chain will get to a place that is more of a norm, but I feel that I need to meet somewhere in between where I am not ordering that much take out and spending to much at the grocery store. If I didn’t have any food waste, I would think that we didn’t have a problem, but we do. We spend so much money that it really isn’t necessary.

Out of all the areas in my budget that I spend to much on it must be food. I spend to much on food and so much of it gets thrown out. I can’t wait for compost to come to my building and city so I can get a better visual on how much food waste I have in my household.

Due to the amount of take out that I get in a week I am super surprised by the number of groceries that actually does come into the home.

I find that I need to take more of an essential attitude when it comes to food. It just isn’t only getting what is essential to what we eat but eating only what is essential through out the day.

When it comes to eating, I don’t think that I am missing out or hiding anything and that I have been supporting myself for so long that I can’t be blaming anyone else but me for spending money on ‘all of the wrong foods’.

I do eat horrible but that is more of my fault and being on autopilot when I go out and purchase food and then come home and still eat it all.

Throughout the day I tend to just keep eating and eating and eating to the point that it does become clear why we spend so much money at the grocery store.

I feel like I need to take on more of an essential attitude with food starting immediately and only be consuming what I need to be eating. If I am hungry then eat. If I can help it, don’t purchase food at the store.

Only consume what is necessary. I feel one of the things to be living a happy long life is to only be consuming what you need. No overindulgence, nothing that is to much or to little just enough, essentially what you absolutely need.

What are your thoughts in essentialism and food? Do you have a problem with food? Do you spend to much money on food? Do you compost? Do you have a lot of food waste? Do you think there is a supply chain issue with food? What do you think of the price increases on food?


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