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Find an Excuse or Make it a Game

If you are like me then you have a food addiction. You eat, eat, and eat until well you could potentially eat some more. Eating isn’t something that you just do a few times a day, it is something that you are thinking about constantly, you are constantly scheming what you are going to be eating next (something usually sugary, fatty and 100% bad for you), debating to either stop on your way home or to go out and get something (if only I could stop debating doing how useful it would be to order through a service to get it delivered). There is always room for something more.

What I am finding is that you need to come up with any excuse, even if it is flimsy, to not eat something, like they didn’t put cutlery into the bag or let you know that there was meat in this batch of chili so you just don’t eat it or you know that it isn’t on sale so you don’t get it, it’s out of my way then I really don’t need it. Another idea is to come up with some rules, the trick with this, is to keep adjusting them, adding new ones and reviewing them. The last suggestion that I have is to make it a game, for example you only have sugar every other day or you only have chocolate on particular days of the week or month.

To me the key thing is to never say no to yourself. The more you say no to yourself the more you want something. Instead delay the gratification, if you still want the item at that point in time then get it if not that you haven’t loosed anything or don’t go out of your way to go get something, if you want it then the next time you are in the area where you can get the item that you want and it is convenient then get it. I find that if you wait then usually the craving is gone and you don’t really feel like spending the money or even stopping to get it. Cravings come and go and the point is to just keep letting them go, roll off so to speak.

Food is something that cannot be avoided on a daily basis, it is a very tricky thing, you don’t want to over or under do what you are doing. You also don’t want to do something that will ruin it for you in the future, for example I think that majority of people have something from their childhood that they cannot eat now due to a specific experience as a child or simply had to much of it growing up. Having set times where you eating creating a positive environment where and when you do eat can be extremely helpful as well. Take the time to really think about what it is that you are about to eat, what is going on, don’t just scarf it down so you can get onto something else or just to not being doing anything. Appreciate what you have as well as the time and effort it took to make it.

At the end of the day, reflect on what you ate for the day and pick out what you did great about eating and what you can improve upon for tomorrow. Always change and adjust what you are eating so you can have a better relationship with food and not he hindered by it.


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