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Finished a Book and 2 Book Hauls

This week for reading I have finished The Paris Apartment and I have continued with reading The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley, The Love Con by Seressia Glass and Survive the Night by Riley Sager.

I borrowed 5 books from the public library, and I have found 4 books from the local bookstores that I just absolutely needed to bring home. One of the books, the library withdrew before I was able to borrow it, but I was able to get it at the Friends of The Library bookstore which I am super happy about that I was able to grab.

I do need to focus more on reading compared to the number of books that I want to be bringing into my home. I need to be able to read but to be able to read in such a way that I am reading more than 1 book a week and that I am getting rid of more books than what I am just bringing into the house, I think. I mean reading one book this week versus bringing 9 into my home. Yes, once read these books am going to be going out of my home but is that really the point? I just need to focus on reading I think at this moment.

May I should be focusing on reading 75 pages a day so I can make sure that I am reading 1.5 books a week. I know the answer isn’t to have a social life, but I do need to be reading much more of a priority for myself.

Would you guys be interested in seeing a new bookshelf tour? Would you like to come along to the bookstore with me when I volunteer on Saturday?

I can do so much more with everything that I have. I am just so grateful as well that I was able to get a new bookmark as well this week and it works out well because I have 3 books that I want to be reading this week so hopefully I can get them all read and I can return 2 books to the library and maybe have one ready for a mini library!

Please follow the link below to this week reading vlog.


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