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Finished 3 book and a craft!

3 books in 1 week

This week I finished a book and a craft and have started another book and a craft as well as going to two different mini libraries and donated 2 books. 

I have yet again reorganized my bookshelf that is the backdrop to my filming but that is something that I think is going to be ongoing.  I think that I have finished organizing it right now, but you never know, I might be changing it up some more soon!

I think I like having a big TBR shelf just because if there is a gift giving occasion, I can just go to this shelf and I can get some of those books as gifts.  It is almost like I have my own little bookstore that I can shop at!

I also like to have a big selection to choose from when I go to choose a book and maybe, just maybe I like having the choice of having a book or to take to take to a mini library.

I must keep reminding myself that I have a library card and that I am there 4 times a week, so getting a book out of the library isn’t that big of a challenge for me, plus it is free, and I can get rid of it easily.  If this year is any indication of what I am going to be doing, I am just going to go to the library to get a book out despite having a huge selection of books already on my shelf that I want to be reading.

What has motivated me to be reading right now is a TV show, so maybe getting myself to read some other series or to reread some series that I have is to have them turn into TV shows or a move franchise to be rebooted. 

I am really enjoying the Percy Jackson and the Olympian books right now; I am just on the second book but the movie and the TV show is close to the book so that is always great!

I have been working hard on getting my Etsy shop, in good working order as well.  I have taken a lot of new photos and have cropped them to look better.  Do I need to be putting more work into it?  Yes, but at least what I have done is a lot better than what it was. I will leave a link to my store at the bottom for easy reference!

I am just super excited that I can change and redesign a lot of things in my life, all because I have had some time off to be able to take advantage of it!

Please let me know if there were any books that you would like me to read!  Are you reading or rereading the Percy Jackson series?  What do you think of the Artemis Fowl series?  Please let me know what I should read next!


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