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Finished One and DNF’d Another

I am so happy that I finished the book If He Had Only Been with Me by Laura Nowlin. I finished digitally and that was a wonderful experience.

I haven’t read a book fully like this on a digital surface before and I am very happy that I did. It was a wonderful experience, and it was light and compact to be brought on the road with me.

My eyes didn’t hurt while I was reading digitally, and I am happy that I finally did get a chance to read this book.

I found that despite this book being released in 2013 there has been a sequel released in 2023. I am interested in reading it. It is essentially the same story but written from the male characters perspective. It will be the same story just from a different perspective. Currently it is not on the Hoopla app and is not at the library so I do not know when I will be reading this story, but I will have to keep it on my radar for sure.

I ended up walking over to a mini library and guess what book they had in it? The Love Con by Seressia Glass! I didn’t pick it up and it looked like a brand-new copy of the book as well. I debated taking it but I don’t think I will read it again but I sort of wish that I went to this mini library before so I could have picked it up and had my own copy of this book for myself.

I decided to DNF The Greek Escape by Karen Swan because I honestly couldn’t get into it. I would read the same page and/or chapter repeatedly and if I honestly wasn’t registering any of it. I tried reading it on a few different occasions, but I just couldn’t get into it. I think that I originally picked it up thinking that it was going to be a romance, but it is a mystery. I read about the first 130 pages and then the last 20 or so pages and honestly, I am happy that I didn’t end up finishing it. I don’t think I would have really enjoyed the book from beginning to end.

The flaw that I see with the book is that one girl did do The Greek Escape and her new identity is well her mothers maiden name and her grandmother is from Greece. I feel like if she wanted to be found she would be. It shouldn’t be that hard to be able to find her.

I am happy that I was able to finish a book digitally and enjoyed my experience and I have picked out 2 more books that I would like to read on this app and one of them is another book written by Laura Nowlin!

I think the book I will start next week is one of my Book of the Month books and hopefully as well The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner. I am hoping that next week won’t be as busy as these past few weeks. I hope I just didn’t jinx myself!


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