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Finishing a Book with Borrowing Some Books!

I have a whole lot of books and I think that I might be getting rid of a whole bunch of books again. Unhauling feels so great, but getting books feels so much better. I feel like I am not reading enough to be able to keep the amount of books that I have and that I do work at a bookstore getting rid of a bunch of then quickly and then getting them again is going to be something that I can do simply plus they are all at the library for me to be borrowing so me borrowing these books are something that I can do, I mean I am there 4 times a week so it isn’t hard to be able to do.

I am considering unhauling all my summer reads right now since it is officially no longer summer, and I haven’t read anything by these authors, so I don’t know if they are any good to begin with. If I do decide to unhaul them I will be taking them back to the bookstore in which I volunteer at because well, I feel like it is there’s to begin with and it will make the most sense for me to be able to take them back there.

I am finding that I am also borrowing some books from the library as well which I haven’t really done in the past so it’s since that I am able to do that.

I just need to be reading a whole lot more which I think is something that I should be putting more effort into so I can be reading more. I mean who needs TV anyways right?!

I may have purchase Fourth Wing and have preordered Iron Fla me without even knowing if I will even end up liking Fourth Wing or not.

I am planning on learning a lot about being an eBay reseller so I could potentially be selling books that I have and don’t think that I will ever read again so if I don’t like Fourth Wong or Iron Flame, I could potentially resell it online which is something I should be looking into just in general.

I think at times it is better to be a minimalist and to just keep things out of the home. Sometimes it is just way too easy to be able to get new books even though they are not new when you get them at a used bookstore. I think that it is better to borrow books from the library, especially from the quick pick’s shelves because then that way you know that what you are reading is newer and more current. Not to say that you should be watching and doing what everyone else is going but you should be doing what you want to do best and if that is making sure that you are staying ‘with the times’ then finding out what the library has in stock on their express shelves or going to your bookstore to see what is on their tables to see what is good there.

At the end of the day, I do hope that I get another gift card to Indigo for my birthday so I can go on another book spree.


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