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Five Feet Apart

Five Feet Apart came out in 2019 and I feel like it was underrated at the time it came out.

The movie is about a few 17-year old’s who have cystic fibrosis who become friends and two of them fall in love. Because they are sick, they cannot have any physical contact. They must be six feet apart at all times but in their own attempts to be rebellious they decide that they are going to be five feet apart instead of six.

You get to know the characters and their interest like how Will wants to be an artist, Poe a cook and Stella just to be able to live life. Stella has a YouTube channel that she posts on a regular basis to be et more awareness out there about the disease and what it is like living with it. Eventually you are able to find out that Stella’s sister, who is in a few of the videos with her has passed away cliff diving. She wanted to live life to its fullest as Stella isn’t able to. Stella was supposed to go on this particular trip with her but couldn’t because like always got sick and was in the hospital. Stella finds her sister to be a very sensitive subject as she is the one who is terminal and is expected to die, not her sister.

On the night of Will’s 18th birthday Stella and Poe decide to throw a party for him with their friends in the hospital’s kitchen. It was a wonderful night and there was no ‘social distancing’ between any of them and as a result Poe ends up dying the next morning.

As the movie progresses you end up enjoying the love story between Stella and Will knowing that the love will not last forever.

As Will is 18 now and the new drug trial isn’t working on him, he doesn’t want to be spending the rest of his life in the hospital hoping that there will be something that will work for him.

Stella and Will end up leaving the hospital to go have some fun outdoors when Stella gets a text that new lungs have come for her. She does not tell Will as the new lungs will only last 5 years and then what. After taking a fall and falling through the ice, Will ends up saving her and having to give her mouth to mouth to save her, which is good, but the bacteria transfer maybe dangerous.

The movie shortly after this end with Stella getting the new lungs and is in recovery as Will now 18 leaves the hospital to journey on his life but leaves Stella his sketch book that he made of her. It is a sad ending.

The movie is sad, a definite tearjerker but worth a watch. I would give it a five out of five stars. I just think that it is a bit ironic that it is about staying five feet apart for health reasons and it came out before a pandemic where we must stay five feet apart from each other.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in teen drama that does not have any fluff in it at all.


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