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Food Hoarding

Do you find that you hoard food? do you have lots of items in your fridge and cupboards that you have just in case knowing that at one point in time that you will be using it but don’t necessarily always do so? Do you think that you have a problem with it?

Do you ever want to know what it is like to have a really empty cupboard? Do you want to know what it is like to have fully stocked shelves? Food is something different to everyone.

Do you find that dispite that you have an abundance of food in the house that you go out to eat or always need to go buy groceries?

I do. Well you always want what you don’t have and you don’t have to cook or do the dishes which is nice luxury to have but always doing this when I have food is only leading to food waste which isn’t nice or something that I want to be doing anymore.

I need to stop hoarding food and only be getting what is essential. We go through so much waste here especially when I go to the store in the off weeks so I would be able to stock up on what ever we needed then so it isn’t that big of deal either. It is ok to stock up but not to stockpile. There is always other places where I can stock up on food as well.

Food is something that is something you need to have everyday but is it something that you can deal with out of a lot of stuff!

Do you know anyone who has cold storage and what is in them? How much food do they have that they absolutely need? How much food do they have that is unnecessary? Do they prepared canned food for themselves and people around them? Do you have a cold storage? Is having and using a food storage another way to hoard food?

If I ever get a place that has a cold storage I don’t know if I would even use it. I have to much in storage right now and I want to get rid a lot of storage that I have and I don’t need that much food storage and I don’t ever think I will ever want to can food.

Only have what you really need and know that it isn’t that bad if you have to step out and get something. If it is quick and convenient then you should be able to step out and get it and it is getting easier to be able to work stuff or do a curb pick up these days. I think the curb side pick up for some stores were already in existence, it is just good that some more people know about it and are taking good use of it now.

Is it easier to spend more money on food when you are there in person versus ordering or doing curb side pickup? How often do you purchase impulse items? How do prefer to store your food?


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