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Food Waste

Food waste is something that shouldn’t happen but happens way to much in my household. There is always something in the cupboard that we wish that we would eat, our fantasy selves, but we never end up using them. Or we get spices and never end up using them all so we end up throwing it out. There always seems to be some canned goods that tend to get thrown out as well. It is hard to believe with all this food waste that happens that I would have learned and would know now what to purchase at the grocery store but I don’t I am trying to get rid of a bunch of food as well, going through the cupboards and fridge to see what I have every couple of months will not be so bad. As well as not forgetting to go move things around so they make sense and to reorganize stuff to better suite my current needs.

Food waste I think happens in a lot of homes. Compost isn’t something that is readily available for everyone but it should be. I think that helping me see how much food waste I actually have will help me a lot. Sometimes it is the pure visual.

Picky eaters are one thing but helping out by just not having that amount of food around is another idea.

What are some of the ways that you tend to get around food waste? Do you have problems keeping your cupboards full versus having so much food that food ends up expiring or just thrown out to be thrown out? Are you someone who was brought to be that you must eat everything on your plate, whether you like it or not or you are full or not you just have to keep eating until it is gone away? Do you end up snacking so much that you are not even hungry for a meal? Do you tend to over eat so that way you will never have any food to waste?

Do you ever purchase food that you will make something out of it? Do you try and use all of the spices that you have so it doesn’t go to waste? How do you go about making the right amount of food? Are you someone who tends to make to much food? Do you make to letting food? How hurting for food are you?

Are you interested in food? Do you enjoying watching cooking episodes? Do you like to go and find new recipes? Do you experiment with food? Do you have all of these little gadgets for the kitchen? How useful are these gadgets? What are some gadgets that are worth the money and some that are not? Is there any gadget that you have created that you think is very useful in the kitchen?

How much food waste do you create? Do you have composting in your area? Using the visual amount of food waste that you have, has it helped you with reducing your food waste?

How zero waste do you try to be?


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