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Free Guy

Free Guy came out in 2021 staring Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Taika Waititi, Lil Rel Howery and Joe Keery.

The movie is about an NPC (Non Playable Character) in a video game becomes aware of his surroundings and starts playing the video game that he is in to get the girl.

The movie jumps from the real world to the video game. The video is called Free City where it is an open concept game where you can complete missions to get extra power ups, power and experience points.

The game is based on code that Millie and Keys made for a game called Free Life. They ended up selling to Antwan who has turned the game into Free City. Millie thinks that the Free City games has just been build over their game but needs proof of this which is only found in the game itself. Millie, I don’t believe has a job, but Keys does work for the company.

Once the NPC who is named ‘Blue Shirt Guy’ becomes aware of the fact that he has choice and can do what he wants in the game he starts his mission to get Millie.

Blue Shirt Guy is a bit of a dork and just the comic relief of the movie. He always appears to be in the right place at the right time to help Millie. Blue Shirt Guy is getting a lot of attention from the outside world so the players in the game start to give him what he wants just because he is popular.

Antwan who has created the game is getting frustrated at the character, but Free City 2 is set to come out in two days with a whole new set of characters, place, and NPC’s. Everything in Free City will be wiped away and will no longer exist in a few days.

Once Antwan discovers what Millie is doing in the game and that Blue Shirt Guy is helping her, he does everything he can to make sure that Millie can’t get the real information that she needs. Once Millie gets the proof that she needs, then she can go to court and get the royalties that she and Keys honestly deserves from the game.

After Antwan release Dude, not a fully finished NPC into the game to take Blue Shirt Guy down, he realizes that Blue Shirt Guy has developed and has upgraded too much to be taken down by Dude. Antwan then takes an axe to the servers to take the game down but it’s to late, Millie already has what she needs to prove in court that this game code is really hers and Keys.

After all of the wrap up in the movie is done and everything is good for all players Free Life is up and running with Blue Shirt Guy happy as every.

Millie ends up realizing that Keys has made part of Guy’s characteristics on his observations of Millie. Millie can clue in at the last minute and runs after Keys to get him for herself.

Would I recommend this movie? Yes, 100% yes. I would watch this movie again and each time I do I am sure that I will be catching new things about it. The movie also has lots of cameo’s including cameos from current Twitch stars, which can help make the game dated quicker but for right now it works.


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