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Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes came out in 1991 starting Kathy bates, Jessica Tandy, Mary Stuart Masterson and Mary-Louise Parker.

The movie really has nothing to do with fried green tomatoes, but it does spark my interest into wondering what they would really taste like.

The movie reminds me greatly of Big Fish which came out in 2003.

In Fried Green Tomatoes you are taking along for a journey that Ninny Threadgoode is telling Evelyn Couch of her life in Whistle Stop where her and Ruth Jamison ran a café.

The stories are fantastic, and it makes me hope that when I am old and living in a nursing home that I will have such stories to tell someone. The story is based mainly in the 1930’s when Ninny or Idgie was young. The stories are very wild, and it is hard to believe such a life could ever been lived.

The stories do get spicy when there is a murder, but Idgie had nothing to do with it but did go on trial for it. The case was dismissed but it was the only way to have it happen so no one extra got hurt. Everything worked itself out by the end.

Evelyn Couch was a lonely housewife who didn’t have much to do, and her husband didn’t care much for her. Evelyn was taking a course in marriage to help keep the spark and magic alive in your marriage. Talking with Ninny did more then the courses ever did for her. Evelyn gets it in her mind by the end of the movie that she wants Ninny to take care of her and bring her home out of the nursing home. Well, she does but not in the way that you would think in the end.

Ninny was always taking care of someone. When Mrs. Ottis died Ninny took a cab home, but the thing is that Whistle Stop was no longer a town, everyone had left a long tie again and her house was condemned, so it was torn down.

I am not sure why a cab driver would leave an old woman in an abandoned town but she was and Evelyn Couch who first went to the nursing home to get Ninny but she wasn’t there, so she drove to Whistle Stop (which is close by) to get her.

While she was getting Ninny that is when she discovered that Ninny was Idgie and that her stories were most likely true.

The movie is heartwarming, and I am happy that I watched it. I might watch it again but not right away.

The reason why I say that it is like Big Fish is that you are being told a story not sure quite sure how it is going to happen. You get pulled in and involved with each of the characters. The movie is seamless as you go from what is today to the time of the stories would have occurred.

I would recommend this movie to all those who are looking for a heartwarming movie to watch.


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