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Gathering Around Food

Why does everything have to centre around food? Isn’t the point to be around family and friends?

I find that we spend to much time concerning ourselves with food instead of just spending time with family. I guess we can centre events around just that but I am not sure if that is the right thing to do.

This weekend we had dinner with two different families and it was a great time but we saw each other over some food. I felt like it was a wonderful time to get together with family but it was such a process to do so. We had to go out to the store to get food when we wouldn’t have to do so and we did not need any of the food. We also had to get food for the other families dinner as well. After both dinners there was a ton of clean up that had to be done and we either had to throw out some food or pone it off some family.

It was honestly taxing and wasteful. We have so much food in the house that we will eventually eat but we are most certainly bursting on the seems. Our cupboards are also overflowing as well. I have gotten through a cupboard of storage items that we and about half of what was actually in them I have gotten ridden of. I do have a pit of a hording tendency but that is something that I am trying to change and honestly to keep trying to get rid of stuff.

We went away for the weekend and I over packed which is something that I know that do, do but it was given me the motivation to get rid of things.

I guess at the end of the day what I am trying to say, isn’t the fact that you are going out of your way to be with each other, and that food shouldn’t have to be involved. In addition to seeing each other you are going out of your way to get food, then making, cleaning up and having to deal with what do you do with the leftovers. I am not saying that you shouldn’t go out of your way for food but I find that so much time is just spent fawning over food instead of being with family. A part of me is also angry about the fact that there is so much food waste as well. I understanding wanting to give away some of the left overs but I dislike having to consistently say no because we have so much food of our own.

I would like to get together to family and friends and not have food being involved. I am not sure what else we could do other then hanging out and spending time together but I do hope that more gatherings end up being more about gatherings and being together and not about being together and having a meal. Food is more of a fuss then I think then what it is worth.

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