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Get Over It

Get Over It came out in 2001 and it is another teen drama that stars Colin Hanks, Shane West and Kirsten Dunst. Zoe Saldanan and Mila Kunis are also in this movie, I forgot how influential they are especially in the early 2000’s.

I remember watching this movie when it first came out and was impressed with it. Now that I have watched it several years later, I find that it does hold up as teen dramas go. They don’t make movies like this anymore.

The movie is about how Burke lost his girlfriend Allison and is trying to get her back by joining the high school musical which is a Mid-Summer Nights Dream the musical. During preparing for the musical his best friends sister Kelly is helping out with it but wants to date him, but he doesn’t feel the same way. Feelings get hurt but such is typical with teenage against.

To make the movie more humorous, Martin Short is the teacher who is putting on the play and has written the songs for the play and Burke’s parents star their own talk show called ‘Love Matters’ and are totally trusting parents and are ok with their son throwing parties and having sex.

As the play draws closer and right up until opening night things keep happening. Burke goes from being an extra to being the main male roll in the play. Burke’s friend Dennis goes from being a stagehand to being an extra who goes to dance with the girl who he has a crush on, Basin. The play does go on without any issues dispite the items that go on beforehand. Kelly, who is a good songwriter, has written a song that would suit the show better. She enlists the help of her brother to have it inserted into the show last minute and it does work as a good song and really is better for the show. In Kelly’s defense she did go Dr. Oates first to be able to have it in the show. One of the shenanigans that happens is that at intermission, Striker, in an attempt to get Allision back after she left Burke and was caught cheating on her with another girl attempts to have the ‘AV’ guys plant a firework to get at Burke but instead of him Stricker gets hurt himself.

By the end of the play, Kelly and Burke get together and Felix is going with them getting together, mainly because he has found a girl for himself.

I was reminded of this movie while watching some other videos online and an actor mentioned it and I just needed to watch it again. The movie does move rather quickly and is just shy of an hour and a half in length.

Would I recommend this movie? Sure, if you are interested in a blast from the past. It is a good teenage angst sort of movie that is worth a rewatch. Would I rewatch this movie? I like to think so.


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