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Getting Stuck and Getting Out of a Rut

Have you ever felt stuck or that you are in a rut? How did you get out of it? Have you ever felt that you were stuck in your ways? Have you ever felt that you didn’t need to change or break down barriers that you have set up for your self? Do you ever feel that there isn’t enough for you to be doing? How do you ever get your self out of these ruts?

I find that I build of walls for myself that have preconceptions about things that I am trying to change my thought process on, on a regular basis. The problem is, is that I don’t always recognize the bad thought processes that I am having so I always try to take to different people to see what they are saying so I can get a collective opinion on it and I can make the best decision for myself. At the end of the day, I am the only one who knows what is best for me.

It is always nice to have a reset. I find that Mondays are always good to start something fresh as it is Monday morning where are the possibilities are possible. The weekend is gone and it is the start of a new week. I can start anything. Plus, if I go away for the weekend it is nice to get back into a routine that isn’t necessarily the same as the routines that I have been doing so it is a little bit easier to be doing.

I always like a fresh start to things and find it easier to start on Mondays as well.

I am not always sure how to get myself out of ruts though. I think that it is always good to question things that you are doing and should always be changing up your routines so see what can be changed and to see what can happen. Staying the same way for to long can have it’s detriments I think.

Always changing and evolving is the key to thinks I think. I like to consistently go through the things that I have to make sure that I am not becoming blind to the things that I have and am ignoring what is right in front of me at the time. I always have a bag of goodies to go to the donation centre as well.

I like the aesthetic of being minimal. When I look at magazine and pictures of elegant homes the one thing that they have is that they are very minimalist and I do like the look of that. I like the look of being minimal. Despite getting rid of a whole bunch of stuff over the last few months I find that my home does still look cluttered which is why I continue to look and get rid of things.

I find that always changing my environment and keeping it looking ‘fresh’ also helps me know what it is that I want in my life. Change is good.

What are your suggestions to getting out of the feeling of being stuck or in a rut?


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