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Ghosting as Communication

Is ghosting someone over text message, phone calls or email an acceptable form of communication? Have you ever ghosted someone? Have you ever ghosted someone? Do you want to be ghosted by someone?

Sometimes in my humble opinion ghosting someone is the best thing that you can do, even if it is for a few hours. Its nothing personal but sometimes you just need to live your life or really prepare the right response to the person who messaged you first.

There is no rule that if someone messages you that you need to respond to them in a certain time frame. Sure, it would be nice if people would respond when you want them to respond and to really live their life in accordance with the way that you want and respond when you want them to respond with all the answers that you want to hear but that just isn’t reality.

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you said something to someone, and they asked to come alone as well, and you said yes but you instantly regretted telling them and so when the day came you just ignored them completely, so you didn’t have to hang out with them? What if you just didn’t say thing about it beyond that point and the other person forgot and that was for the best? Have you ever crated fake scenarios over someone coming to an event? In situation like these I think that it is OK to ghost someone. I mean truthfully you should just tell the truth and not be carrying around this type of thing, but you should never be stressing yourself out because you don’t want someone around.

Sometimes telling the truth can take time to prepare your response in a good way that doesn’t make someone feel like they are awful.

If you are driving or at an event where you are not in the position where it is the most appropriate to be texting someone then you don’t need to. You don’t owe anyone anything and you should really focus on you and what is best for you at that exact moment. Not everything needs a response either. If you can tell the truth and be true to you. Always do what is best for you, never ghost yourself.


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