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Goal Completion

Do you find when you are trying to complete a goal, what is the best way of going about it? Do you like to make a checklist of things to do as you go along? Do you like to tell someone about it so that way you have an accountability partner? Do you like being competitive?

No matter what your goal is, I think that there are many ways to complete your goal and that you should trouble shoot to the best way that works for you.

I find that by telling people it is hard to keep going and that I need to keep it to myself until I can get a few routines set in place and keep them going for at least a few weeks before I can really tell people about them. I find that once I get the routines or habits in place then going out of my way to keep doing them isn’t a problem anymore and I can hopefully keep doing them so when I do decide to tell people about them it isn’t that hard of a thing to keep doing them.

Judgments can be harsh and be difficult, but you do know what is best for you and how to accomplish everything that you want to be accomplishing in your life. I find that when you already have things in place to keep you going then it isn’t so hard to keep going so it is becoming second nature for you to be doing these things in the first place. People are going to judge you no matter what you do so try and ignore them because they can have the ability to make you fail.

At the end of the day, I like to think of each of the steps that I am going to be doing to complete my goal. I like to really visualize what I am doing to make sure that I am completing it. By visualizing it and just focusing on what I am doing to accomplish this goal is far more useful then just focusing on the end goal. I feel that I do better when completing my goals.

I also like to make lots and lots of notes regarding my goals so I can see how much I have grown and can reflect on them.

How do you complete your goals?


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