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Goal Setting

How do you plan your goals? Do you have goals? Do you always assess the goals that you have? Do you have a hard time sticking to the goals that you have?

I find that I have the personality trait that I am all or nothing so that makes goals sometimes hard to maintain and reach to their completion.

I need to be able to reach my goals and have them filled to fruition so I need to be able to make them smaller and more manageable that I can do them. For example if I want to cut out snacking from my day then I need to do some sort of meal planning for the day so I know what and when I know I will be eating and I will be more able to be satisfied and satiated when I do eat instead of being in some state of limbo of not knowing what and when I will be eating, leaving me to be more hungry.

I find that you need to be able to work on your goals daily. They always need to be worked and reworked to make sure that they are aligning with what you find to be the best thing for yourself. Essentially life is fluid so stay with the flow.

I find that I need to be reviewing my notes on a regular basis, so I know that they stay fresh in my mind and that I stay reminded of them.

What is the kind of goals do you have in your life? Do you have goals that are daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly? How often do you assess your goals? Do you ever review them?

I find goals to be very important and that I do try to work on them. I find that I need to be sure that I am sticking to them. I find that I need to be looking up at the right type of tracker that I think will work best for me. I think that I need one to have a list of daily, weekly, and monthly goals and potentially yearly ones and have it in one sheet and have it close so I can have it easily accessible for me to look at on a regular basis. I would be changing it out I believe at least monthly. The hard question is whether I or not to keep it digital or have it been printed out.

Do you prefer to have things digital or have them printed out?


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