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Groceries are a Waste of Money

Groceries are a waste of money. Think about it, you go regularly to the store to get home, you stop for convenience foods, you get snacks, lunches and how often do you go out for coffee or dinner? You are constantly spending all of your money on food.

If we plan out what we eat, do you really need to be spending all of this money on groceries? Before you can even eat all of the food that is in your cupboards you go out and purchase more groceries. All of the money that we spend on food whether you go out and eat it or not, expire or donate it to the food bank you don’t really need of the food that you spent your money on.

Sometimes I feel it would be best to take on a more ‘European’ type attitude towards groceries. Only get a few days worth of groceries at one time. I feel I would have less food waste, wouldn’t eat as much through out the day and if I decide to eat out then well its OK. Meals would be more intentionally. I would in my opinion safe money as well as have less on my waist line. You would only having food that will not be wasted, food in a way would taste more sweeter.

I believe that food is so wasteful that if we composted all of the food that we had that we didn’t eat, we could actually be doing something with it. It would be worth something I think for sure.

Groceries are a waste of money, at the end of the day. Yes, food is necessary but really not needed to be made a whole production out of it. I know for sure when I go out to purchase groceries it is like a huge event and I personally think how disgusting it is that I am going out to purchase all of this food when I know that we have so much food in the house but it doesn’t get eaten. Due to purchasing more food some of the food that we actually have gets expired so we just need to replace it to have it just to have it. Food is necessary but it really doesn’t need to made a production.

If we only bought what we needed ate what we had then it would be working out. The fridge would always be clean, empty with no expired food and you would only eating what you actually needed and wanted in life. I think that more time and effort would be put into food and it would be an experience and not something that needs to be done and the faster we can get it over with the better. The food would be as nutritious and be better. Instead of going out to get an experience for dinner you could have the experience every time that you eat.

The next time you go out and get groceries remember that they are not going away, the food that you pick up along the way and the times that we are going out to eat. Less is truly is more.


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