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I have recently come across the idea when trying to accomplish a goal or wanting to create a new routine that you should work on just getting the habit down. Continue to rework the habit when you need and want to but that that is what you should only be concern with.

I was reading that you shouldn’t really be focused on a timeline either but more just implementing the habit. After you get the habit or routine in place and you keep working it, then after awhile it will work itself out meaning that if you are working on it on a regular basis then the timing of the habit will work itself out.

Yes, there are something that you want to be done in a certain amount of time, but you really must work with yourself and not against. You must come up with ways that work best for you, so you don’t fail. If you fail now, b be sure to understand that it really isn’t something that you shouldn’t be something that you beat yourself up about, but you should always just keep trying.

It really doesn’t matter how many times that you fail at something its just that you keep on trying. Its just like with sports, its not that you fall it’s the fact that you get back up again.

Working towards a goal is always a very worthy thing to be doing and is something that is worth going after and is something that should be working on.

There are many ways that you can work on your habit, I prefer to keep a record of them and reference them every day, and really rework them at every chance that I can get. I sometimes like to keep a journal about it so I can really keep track and remind myself specifically of what I can do about it today and moving forward. I find that if I take little steps everyway, I will make sure that I can get to the end game for sure.

There are many different things that you can keep track of your goals, how do you keep track of your habits?


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