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Hawkeye is the lates television miniseries created from the Marvel universe to recently finish airing staring Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Florence Pugh and Vera Farmiga.

The miniseries has 6 episodes and really does deal with a lot within the comic book series.

It really does set up what is going to happen with the new adventures taking place.

In classic Marvel move is have an after credits scene in their movies and the TV shows are not any different. Hawkeye started at Broadway watching the musical version of what happened in New York called Rogers, The Musical. In Hawkeye the end of credits scene was the big musical number from that play to really end the showoff right. The song is quite catching and is big Broadway musical number that you would expect but it is just so funny. It is a very different way of thinking about what happened on that day. It is worth the effort to put it in, it gave me goosebumps and I found that I was dancing in my chair to the song when it was on.

Ultimately the show set up Hailee Steinfeld’s character to be part of the new avengers and gave some character development to Florence Pugh’s character Yelena.

I can say that I am really liking the TV series more the movies and would like there just to be more content being put out.

Would I recommend this show to others? 100% yes, I would. It takes a character who doesn’t have any powers to them and really shows how they can make a difference and really do help the heroes. He is just human after all so after a fight needing to address his wounds and sore muscles without having to go to the hospital is something that you may not think about but is something of relance to the character and I like how he must pass on what he has learned to his new partner.

I understand that Jeremy Renner no longer wants to be apart of the franchise anymore and this was a good exit from the franchise without having to explain it away.

Please go check out Hawkeye if you can!


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