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Helpful Places to Go To Help Gain Employment

There are many different websites and placement agencies that you can go and visit to help you get a job. I have used a lot of these and have gotten employment with them. There are many others that I am missing and there is more then what I have listed that you can use to help you find a job. There is always something that I am leaving out so I do suggest that you do, do your own research but here are some ideas for placement agencies and websites to use to help find a job. Agencies may vary depending on your location. These are just some examples.

· Express Employment Agency · Liberty Staffing · Adecco · The People Store · Lucas Works · SRG · Randstad · Talnetcor · Calibre Recruitment Inc. · SRG · Kelly Services · Express Employment Professionals · Liberty Staffing · Adecco · Randstad Canada · AllStaff · Leads Employment Services · ABL Employment · Lucas Works · Drake International · WIL Employment Connections · Community Living London

Websites to find position advertisements You can go to the company’s website directly and apply to them as well. Website will vary depending on your location. These are just some examples.




  • Workopolis



  • Wowjobs

  • Best Jobs Online

  • Linkedin

  • Kijiji

  • Craigslist

  • Kings Job Board

  • Zip Recruiter

  • Eluta

Some online platforms that you can use to be a virtual worker are listed below. Virtual Assistant Platforms

· · TranscribeMe! · TranscriptionPuppy · Doximity · Ditto Transcripts · Flex Jobs · We Work Remotely · The Virtual Gurus · Freelancer · Rev · iDictate · Working Solutions · Dion Data Solutions · Data Plus · Sprout Gigs · Scribie · Sig Track · Amazon Mechanical Turk · AccuTran Global · Symbria · Fiverr · Upwork · Clickworder · Axion Data · Charity Village

There is a lot of different types of work that you can do online. Listed below are some positions that you can do with working online. Working online isn’t for everyone and some of them are not long lasting. Have you ever done any of these? Virtual Jobs

· Bookkeeping · Website development · Graphics design · Coaching · Data analysis · Ecommerce manager · Custer service agent (call centre agent) · Programming · Online administration assistant · Transcription · Data entry · Scheduling · Email managing and collections · Newsletter producer · Blog manager, content creating blogs and ghostwriting · Content editor or creation o Writing blog posts o Research content ideas o Create graphics o Source photos o Take production pictures o Edit pictures/thumbnails o Create, produce, edit videos · Video producer or editor · Content translator · Online customer service or Tech Support · Managing product launches · Customer relationship management (CRM) · Community management and moderation · Lead generation · Processing online orders and refunds · Project management · Calendar management and travel arrangements o Proofreader o Copywriter o Web designer o Personal assistant o Event Planner o Real estate assistant o Quality control supervisor o Research assistant o Administrative assistant


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