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Holiday Parties

It is the time of year when families and worker are getting together for the holiday season. Is it necessary for everyone to be getting together?

Going to holiday parties are always up to you but sometimes I feel that sometimes we should be planning different types of parties now and for getting about old traditions and trying to be making new ones.

For example, instead of getting together at a venue and having a potluck maybe get together to have a walk, skate or sledding.

Maybe do something that is free or at a low cost to make it more price effective for everyone to have.

Is getting together necessary though? Maybe come up with a plan where it is every other year or you do small things throughout the year so when it is cough and flu seasons and the weather may not be at its best you are still seeing friends, and family but it is at a lower risk to everyone.

I would prefer to have holiday parties in a new fashion where we are doing something fun that doesn’t involve food and more social distancing like going out for a skate either at an arena, park or lake or going snow tubing (sledding). I am not one for skiing, snowboarding or snow shoeing but I might be wanting to be able to attend just because.

Potentially after a day of fun in the snow has been had maybe purchasing my own sandwich and having it with me and sitting in my trunk and eating it while other people that I am with can do the same so we can still enjoy each other’s company will be a good idea as well.

How are you enjoying the holiday season? Are you looking forward to any parties this year? Are you hosting any parties this year? How often do you have parties?

What is your favorite part about the Christmas season? What is the best part of holiday parties? Is it a gift swap? Do you ever not want parties to end?

Do you plan on having holiday parties more then once a year or for all of the holidays?

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