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House of Gucci

House of Gucci game out in 2021 with a star-studded cast of Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jared Leto and Salma Hayek.

The movie is about the true story of the Gucci family. The family that started the brand that everyone knows today.

Maurizio Gucci who by the advice of his wife Patrizia Reggiani made amends with his father and uncle and when his father died Maurizio became part owner of the brand name.

His wife Patrizia helped him get the shares from this cousin and uncle. He had an investment firm help with the deals.

After the success of the deals and now being the owner of the business, Maurizio started to live large and divorce his wife, Patrizia.

He started to court a new girl.

Patrizia never stopped loving Maurizio and wanted to have him back and not just for the two kids that they have together.

Maurizio was not really a good businessman at the end of the day so when the time came when his lavish spending became to much the investment firm which owns the other half of the company asked for him to sell them his shares of the business. In which he did out of necessity.

Patrizia was a very vengeful woman for not having the life in which she felt like she deserved and wanted and no longer had. With the help of her friend Pina Auriemma, she made arrangements to have her husband killed.

On March 27, 1995, Maurizio was murdered on the steps of his office building in Milan by Benedetto Ceraulo. This is how the movie ends, with Maurizio being shot on the steps of the building.

Two years later by an anonymous tip that was giving Patrizia was convicted to 29 years in prison for arranging his murder. Of course, Patrizia made sure that everyone else involved got taken down as well. Her sentence was reduced to 26 years. With credit for good behaviour, she was released in October 2016 after only serving 18 years in prison.

The movie is long but is rather enteraining. After the movie finished, I ended up doing a bit of research on the Gucci family to see how true the movie was.

It is rather interesting and quite good that the movie is so good to the actual story that happened. It is also unique that no one in the family works for the company.

Would I watch this movie again? Yes.

Would I recommend this movie to others? Sure, why not, it is worth a watch.


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