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How Minimal is to Minimal?

You can have to much stuff that it leads to having a hoard but can you have to little? How much stuff do you have to have before you are a minimalist? Is there a rule book of how much stuff you can have? Is there a guide that you can follow to get rid of stuff? How much do you think one person should have?

I have been watching some minimalist video’s as of late and I noticed that there was a lot of negative comments letting the creator know that in their opinion that they have to much stuff, or if they really didn’t have a lot in my opinion have a lot they were considered to be way to extreme in the comment section. I found it to be weird because people didn’t seem to be happy, it didn’t matter how much or little people have the comment section isn’t happy. It seems that if you consider yourself to be a minimalist and you don’t have a bland of a wardrobe then you can’t be a minimalist either.

How much stuff do you need to have before you are a hoarder and how much do you have to have before you are a minimalist?

I have asked myself this question several times. I know that I have a lot of stuff but I do not consider myself to be a minimalist or a hoarder. I do know that I do need to get rid of more stuff. My first problem is that I need to stop purchasing things. At the end of the day it isn’t about what you have it is about what you save right?

How much is to much and little is to litter?

I think that we are all individuals and what we say is to much for ourselves is to much and what we say is to little is the right thing for us. We always make our own rules and that is what the most important thing in life that matters.

I feel like I have to much and as long as I continue to go through what I have until I get to the point wherei want to be is the point. As much as I want to get of some of my husbands things I need to understand that, that is his stuff and that I do not have control over it. That’s the one thing that I have trouble with is just remembering that I cannot control what is not mine. The second thing that I have trouble with is making sure that what stays in the donation pile stays in the donation pile.

Extremes come in both sides and it is what ever you want it to be. Can you have to much stuff or to little? That is something that only you can decide for yourself. What do you prefer, to have a lot of stuff or to have a simplistic minimal concept to your home? Do you think that the physical clutter brings mental clutter?


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