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How much waste is too much waste?

I am someone who definitely purchases things never uses them and throws them away. It surprises me every year when I declutter all of my stuff just how must stuff that I actually have. I honestly feel that I am purchasing less stuff but I still can fill boxes full of stuff. I try to give away as much as I can but I feel like I am adding to the problem. I know that at some point that my stuff well everyone’s stuff will end up at the landfill but how can I stop that from happening?

I am about to take my items to the donation centre and it will be a relieve to have all of it out of the house. A cluttered house can lead to a cluttered mind I find. I always better almost like a weight has been lifting off of my shoulders once I get a big donation or items out of the house. For the last two years I always think that next year will be better because I wont have as much or nearly anything to get rid of but I always do. I am so envious of those who don’t have anything or just have less stuff that there place looks like a catalog. It is nice to have stuff but if I needed to leave right now, I wouldn’t bring half of the stuff I have with me.

Another thing that I am also very wasteful of is food. We have so much food and it is way to easy-to-get spices and herbs that we will only use for one dish and the spices and herbs will expire before the next time we use it, it is redundant to keep purchasing them again and again. One time purchases just on food is heard even though it is cheaper to cook at home it sometimes is hard. As well you want to make a dish but the prep time to cook, then cooking it, eating then having to do all of the clean up isn’t easy and is very time consuming. Sometimes it is just easier to look at it as a waste of time and to just not to eat at all.

I also like to go through our fridge every month to see if there is anything expired that is in the fridge. Sadly, there is usually always one thing that is. We usually get the fridge so packed with food that I forget about the things that really do get shoved right to the back of the fridge. I am happy that I am taking the time to eat better and that the crisper is pretty clean majority of the time!

How do you handle your waste in your home? Do you find that you have to much waste in your home? How often do you go through the items in your home? Do you do spring cleaning every year? Do you not have a lot in your house? Do you think that it really is about how much you save versus what you have?


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