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How to be Single

How to be Single came out in 2016 staring Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann, Allision Brie an Damon Wayans Jr.

The story is simple, it is a more modern interpretation on what life is like being single in today’s terms. There is four friends, Alice, Robin Meg and Lucy. They all have very different story lines but they do represent different dating types. Like you fall in love to quickly, just don’t fall in love at all or getting pregnant using IVF. Meg’s actually does get pregnant using IVF but finds a man that wants to be a stay at home dad and is ok with the baby not being his biologically but is his.

Alice always wanted to know why she never really followed her dreams, like go on this one hiking trip. Then by the end of the movie she was really single and worked out at the gym to be able to go on this hiking trip where she did feel really single. She had a very memorable trip.

Robin turns out to be rich and never let Alice know about it as well she wanted to be able to know that they are friends to be friends and not because she has all this money but well Robin is Robin and wanted to save money as well by letting Alice pay for everything. Robin doesn’t find someone by the end of the movie but is ok with that, she has a better friendship with Alice by the end of the movie.

Lucy just has a life plan to get married as soon aa she can so she can have a baby, very much on a time limited and everything needs to get done before something happens. She does find someone at the end of the movie and he is extrinsic just like her.

Would I recommend this movie? Sure why not, it is a good girls night out movie that I think everyone will love. I would thing that it shows an accurate depiction of what the dating scene could look like at the moment. It is very much a girl power movie that I would suggest.


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