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How to Find a Job Part One

When you are looking for work at first you really want to be able to take the time out for you. You want to revel in the fact that this is your new situation. You want to be able to work on yourself and really see what is expected of you in that moment. Work is work and you are not looking for new work. You are now in a newfound freedom and want to make sure that you take advantage of some newfound time. Take it and be able to do with it what you will!

Take time out for yourself, take a few days off and do whatever you want. Do what ever it is that you wanted to do but could not be due to working full time.

Focus on getting of your chores out of the way to limit distractions. For example:

· Laundry

· Groceries

· Clean your fridge inside and out

· Cleaning out the car & washing it inside and out (if you have one)

· Cleaning out the storage room/garage (if you have one)

· Clean your microwave

· Clean your cutlery tray as well as every utensil container you have

· Dusting the bookshelves, windowsills, and home

· Wipe down all of your cupboard shelves

· Wipe down your baseboards, walls and doors

· Get your donations collected and donate them

· Take your empties in (empty alcohol bottles/cans)

· Play all the video games

· Watch all the TV & Movies

· Organize your life and home

· Take your empty alcohol bottles to The Beer Store

Once you have all these chores out of the way your distractions will be a lot less and you can now be more focused on what you want and need to be doing. Part 1 is about getting all those tasks out of the way that will give you excuses not to focus on what you really need to be doing, which is to get a job!

Now that you have taken the time out for yourself and you have gotten some things done, you now need to put some effort into getting some more things done so you can find a new job for yourself!


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