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How to Get a Job Online, Being an entrepreneur & Managing an online profile

Skills that you may have · Software/computer platforms (Adobe, Movavi, Wix, Wordpress, Windows, Apple, DOS) · Data entry · Transcription/dictations · Certifications/licences

o Health & Safety o CPR/First Aid o Lifeguard o Food Safety o LLQP (Life Licence Qualification Program) o Real Estate License o Diplomas or degrees o CSC (Canadian Securities Courses) o CPH (Conduct and Practices Handbook Courses) o IRT (Investment Representative Training Program) o CDR (Canadian Depositary Receipts) o ALD (Assistive Listening Device) o RAIC (Royal Architectural Institute of Canada)

· Website design, maintenance & marketing

o Divi – Elegant Themes o Wix o o Bluehost o Squarespace o Network Solutions o o Site 123 o Ionos by 1&1 o Elementor o

· Social media marketing

o YouTube o Twitter o Twitch o Facebook o Instagram o Snapchat o LinkedIn o Patreon o Create your own website o Etsy o Pinterest o Slack o Spotify o Stereo o Letterboxd o Tumblr o TicTok o Reddit o Soundcloud o Ad SenseAR o Merchandise (including books) o Sponsorships o Affiliate Codes & Links o Channel memberships o Appearance fees o Discord o OBS Streaming o Vimeo o Cameo o Comcast

General Notes · Come up with a list of what you are good at and have to offer o Do you have any certifications? § Health & Safety § CPR/First Aid § Lifeguard § Food Safety § LLQP (Life Licence Qualification Program) § Real Estate License § Diplomas or degrees § CSC (Canadian Securities Courses) § CPH (Conduct and Practices Handbook Courses) § IRT (Investment Representative Training Program) § CDR (Canadian Depositary Receipts) § ALD (Assistive Listening Device) § RAIC (Royal Architectural Institute of Canada) o Software/computer platforms (Adobe, Movavi, Wix, WordPress, Windows, Apple, DOS) o Data entry o Transcription/dictations o Certifications o Website design o Graphic design o Videographer o Video editor o Photographer o Photo editor o Scanner & document editor · Figure what you have to offer o What is sustainable o How regularly can you film, edit and post? o What can you regularly post about? § Do you have enough content to ‘sell’ or ‘promote’ long term? o Content Idea’s · Have exclusive content/early releases to those pay no matter the amount on Patreon, YouTube & Website o Videos o Newsletters o Stories o Articles/Opinion pieces · What is it that you want out of it? o To make money? o For the fun of it? o To show other people stuff like: § How to’s § What you are doing (average day, day in the life) § How to do something/accomplish something (i.e. crafts, living in a vehicle, safe money, how you make money) o To get out there o The enjoyment of it o The art of it · Brand o Have a ‘catch phrase’ o Have a consistent intro and outro on your videos o Have links down in the description box o Have everything connected · Types of videos/vlogs/blogs

o Challenge videos o Educational o Family focused o Kid focused o Hauls of any type o Daily vlogging – daily living o Motivation o How to’s o Talk show o Self improvement o Fashion o Abandoned o Minimalism o Travel o Exploring o Reviews o Food o Minimalism o Reviews o Travel o Exploring

· Equipment that you may need to vlog

· Video camera · Gimble for the camera · Phone · Phone gimble · Micro phone · Ring light · Computer · Editing software o Final Cut Pro o Windows Video Editor o PremierPro o Movavi

· Things to consider when you are going to vlog

· Come up with an upload/posting schedule

o The time of day it will be posted as well as the day of the week

o How often are you posting

§ i.e. every day, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly

· Decide what your vlogs can be about

o The growth and amount of videos that you can post within the genre of your choosing

· A schedule of when you are going to

o Film

o Edit

o Upload time

o Time to gather the materials you need to film the video

o A background/arrange your backdrop for the video

Plan out the video and what you are going to say


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